Corporate law is one of the traditional fields of expertise in our economic law firm operating internationally. In collaboration with the respected law firm e/s/b Rechtsanwälte, VERNY & DAUSES offers its clients customised solutions adjusted to the individual needs of every company, from the forming of corporate structure to funding matters, M&A transactions to conflicts and disputes.


The clients of VERNY & DAUSES can bet on the large and experienced team of experts who will support them in all branch offices in matters connected with the organisation of their businesses. VERNY & DAUSES provides its clients with advice in all social matters and oversees transactions, funding and transformation processes. Our routine tasks include the organisation of general meetings of stock exchange-oriented joint stock companies, as well as all other business and legal matters connected with the registration exchange and the provision of financial services in regulation matters.


VERNY & DAUSES can rest on its experience with national and foreign forms of business with a focus on the new EU member states. All this is prepared in collaboration with the highly esteemed law firm of Dr. Růžička, Dr. Srp & Partners.